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Do you really need an Immigration Lawyer?

Moving to a different country can be many things: overwhelming, stressful, even scary; however, it is also the chance for a new beginning! Your reason for immigrating to Canada can be one of many things, which in turn will determine how you apply for permanent residence. For many, navigating the legal process to ensure all your documents and application(s) are in order may seem daunting. While having an Ottawa immigration lawyer is not mandatory, it is highly recommended depending on the complexity of your situation, and how well-versed and comfortable you are with Canadian immigration laws and processes.

Why use the services of an Ottawa immigration lawyer?

So, you have decided that Canada is going to be your new home. Now what? If you have done your own research to try and get a better understanding of the next steps, then you may have realized that getting permanent residency can be a tedious process. If you are just starting out, then the Government of Canada website is an excellent resource. It is important to note that if your application is not correctly completed, or if you are missing some of the required documents, then it may get delayed or even rejected. An Ottawa immigration lawyer is very familiar with this process and may help you to avoid unwanted obstacles.

Language barrier

If there is a language barrier, you may find it very difficult to understand all of the questions and requirements. Some Ottawa immigration lawyers are multilingual and if not, then they usually have access to a translator, if needed. They will ensure you understand everything before moving forward with your case.

Change brings stress

Moving to a different country is a major change. There are so many things to think about and the stress can weigh on you, especially if other family members are also involved in the process. Having an immigration lawyer who is seasoned by experience and may help you avoid mistakes in the application process will be a weight off your shoulders.

Not just you

Being responsible for just yourself is one thing but being responsible for the immigration of your entire family may be too much. The complexity of family applications varies from case to case; some may have no issues at all, while for others unforeseen circumstances or requirements may greatly complicate matters.

There are also different immigration programs you can apply for depending on your situation. Are you moving here first and then your family will follow? Will you all be moving to the same area? Do any members of your family have previous criminal convictions? These are all questions an Ottawa immigration lawyer will ask to figure out the best way possible to proceed with your case.

There are no guarantees that your case will be successful because you have an immigration lawyer. However, you will save time and stress by making sure this serious and lengthy process is handled properly the first time. Your lawyer will ensure they do everything in their power to get you and your family settled in Canada to start your new life. If you are looking to immigrate, contact an Ottawa immigration lawyer today to get the process started.


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