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During that initial conversation with one of our immigration lawyers we will complete an assessment of your profile and/or situation to determine the scope of the immigration issue at hand. Initial consultations provide an opportunity for questions to be asked, and can be carried out in person or, under specific circumstances, over the phone or via Skype.

Generally, an average initial immigration consultation takes one hour at a reasonable flat fee. Please take note that if your case is overly complex or complicated and this initial conversation/assessment requires more than an hour, an additional fee, increased at every six minutes, may be required.

Once the initial immigration consultation is complete, you will be aware of the various immigration options available to you and/or what you need to achieve your immigration goal(s).


To avoid costly delays in the immigration process, or even worse – the denial of your application, many clients choose to work with an immigration lawyer who will assist with and represent them in their case, working closely with them throughout the process for the best outcome.

If you decide to go the route of having professional immigration lawyers representing your case, Boghossian Morais LLP offers two payment options:


This simply refers to a fixed fee that we anticipate it will be enough to cover the legal fees of your case, from start to finish. It includes the legal services outlined in the retainer agreement, but not the applicable taxes and disbursements.

We will carefully outline the services included in the retainer and our recommended approach for getting you the desired outcome. Our team of immigration lawyers will take care of each step as we guide you through the process. If throughout the process, unexpected events occur that require additional legal services, we will provide you with an updated retainer agreement in advance.

Boghossian Morais LLP understands that immigration situations can be complex and stressful and, for that reason, depending on the particular circumstances of the case, we may offer you a flexible payment schedule in order to avoid having to pay a lump sum up front. We understand that our clients greatly appreciate having this option.


If it’s determined through the initial consultation that you need only a limited support from an immigration lawyer with your immigration application or immigration issue, then it would be more cost-efficient to use our services on an hourly basis. In this case, we will provide you with a by-service breakdown of time spent on various tasks.

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